Choose the Efficient SINIUS Treatment Centre

Time is perhaps one of the most valuable commodities we possess. Designed in line with the “class in efficiency” initiative, the Sirona SINIUS treatment centre is not only ultra-compact, but also delivers clear gains in terms of time and flexibility. This is due, in no small part, to the intuitive user interface, which features the latest touchscreen technology. Get in touch with Sirotech today, in Staines-upon-Thames, Middlesex, to purchase the SINIUS treatment centre for your practice.

Features of the SINIUS

Intuitive Sitting Position

  • More Freedom of Movement - Wireless foot control, manual sliding track, whip arm or OTP arm with hanging hoses.
  • Optimised Access - Perfect coordination and variable positioning of dentist and assistant elements. Dentist element and tray independently adjustable on the SINIUS and SINIUS TS models.
  • Smart Work Stools – HUGO and CARL

Comfortable Patient Positioning

  • Perfect Adjustment of the Treatment Centre - Flexible height adjustment to achieve optimal working height with vertical mouth alignment.
  • Ideal Support for the Spine – ErgoMotion and lumbar support.
  • High Patient Comfort - Gentle lift drive, thermo-upholstery, and lounge upholstery.

Integrated Workflow

  • Intuitive Operation - EasyTouch user interface with configurable operating concept.
  • Integrated Table-Top Device Functions – Endodontics and ApexLocator
  • Modern Equipment - Innovative instruments, modern SIVISION patient communication system, USB, and ethernet interface.

Optimum Visibility

  • Ideal Illumination – LEDview and LED instrument light.
  • Flexible Headrests - Motor-driven, double-articulating headrest.
  • Perfect Intraoral Images - SiroCam AF autofocus camera.

Perfect Results

  • Clinically Perfect
  • Aesthetically Perfect
  • Perfect for the Success of Your Practice

Contact us now, in Staines-upon-Thames, Middlesex, for further details about the Sirona SINIUS treatment centre.



This high-tech upholstery material is designed to prevent any build-up of body heat in the backrest. The material was originally developed for the space industry, but it creates a pleasant cooling effect and ensures that the patient feels more comfortable.


LEDview – Viewing with Precision

The new LEDview technology ensures the highest level of precision with optimum illumination. Thanks to its three-jointed design, it illuminates the obscured areas of the oral cavity. The LED light source does not require fan cooling, which eliminates a potential noise nuisance. The LEDview can be operated by using a no-touch sensor or via the user interface.


HUGO – Intuitive Sitting Position

HUGO, the new working stool developed by Sirona, is your passport to an ergonomic mode of working. In particular, the chair fosters a healthy posture throughout the treatment process, increasing your feeling of wellbeing. Dynamic, comfortable, and flexible, HUGO is the perfect complement to INTEGO, TENEO, or SINIUS treatment centres.