Opt for the Intuitive INTEGO Treatment Centre

The treatment centre is the heart of your practice, and the Sirona INTEGO perfectly combines appearance and functionality, so you can work comfortably under optimal conditions. In addition to their harmonious design, coordinated components, and variety of colour combinations, the INTEGO treatment centre meets the strict criteria of our ergonomics concept. INTEGO fits the style of your practice and your taste. Sirotech is a leading supplier of Sirona products, and provides the Sirona INTEGO along with the AXANO and SINIUS models.

Quality You Can Rely on

We don’t just want to satisfy our customers; we want to impress them, which is why quality, performance, and service are key for us. Sirona treatment units combine high quality with real innovations that perceptibly enhance treatment comfort and workflow.

Intuitive Operation

Difficult treatments require your full concentration; this is why INTEGO is intuitive. With two new, easy-to-understand user interfaces and innovative instruments, the INTEGO helps you deliver stress-free treatment. It also means you can concentrate on what's really important: delivering a perfect result for your patient.


Flexible into the Future

In a good practice, customised settings add to your comfort. This is why you can configure the INTEGO to achieve the optimal support for your treatment workflow. However, flexibility means even more to us, and you can prepare INTEGO with technical options and interfaces so you are ready for future applications.

Contact us now, in Staines-upon-Thames, Middlesex, to receive more information about the Sirona INTEGO treatment centre.


Impressive Patient Comfort

Your patients will also appreciate the comfort offered by INTEGO. The patient chair has an ergonomic design and, together with the headrest, ensures that your patients are especially comfortable. The chair lowers far enough for even shorter patients to get in and out easily. There is no doubt about it – patients who are comfortable feel more secure and remain loyal to your practice.


Safe Hygiene

Dentists all over the world have the highest demands for the safety of their patients and practice team. The Sirona hygiene concept is designed so you can comply quickly and easily with all hygiene regulations. The assistant element and water unit designs make hygiene procedures even easier and less time consuming. All of this guarantees perfect infection control for you, your clients, and your practice.


Perfect Results

Every treatment is a complex procedure. Our ergonomic products provide optimal access to the patient and smooth treatment workflows with a high level of patient comfort. INTEGO combines every dimension of ergonomics to make treatment easier for you. Achieve perfect results, even at the end of a long working day, with your expertise and the support of our treatment centre.